Strainers and Inline Filters

Below is an overview of our Strainer and Inline Filter products. Consult us for specifications.



Durable high quality Plastic filters for wide range of filtration applications

Brand: Amiad

• Durable high quality Plastic filters for wide range of filtration applications
• Interchangeable filter elements for wide range of flow rates, multiple filtration degrees and applications
• Excellent mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and models for chemical durability
• Low pressure loss
• Easy to install and maintain, no tools required for rinsing
• Available with exclusive features for semi-automatic cleaning
• Wide range of applications for the irrigation, municipal and industrial markets

AQUA 90-501



Brand: Cla-Val

• DN 40 to DN 800
• PN 10 – 16 – 25 – 40
• Max. temperature. 80°C

The AQUA 90-501 strainer is used when effective filtration is required. Of compact design, maintenance is fast and easy and requires only top cover removal. The flat stainless steel strainer mesh perpendicular to flow optimizes pressure drop. Moreover, the AQUA 90-501 model can be equipped with an autonomous programmable flushing valve (CLA-VAL Series ECO) allowing fast flushing without removing top cover.

WP-F Dynamic


Protection Sieve, DN 40 … DN 200

Brand: Sensus

Main characteristics

• Small head loss
• Sieve elements for use with all WP-Dynamic and MeiStream bodies
• Identical sieve elements for DN 40…65 and DN 80 + 100
• Stainless steel sieve element
• Sieve element easy to remove for cleaning
• Powder coated body for maximum corrosion protection


• The protection sieve will be installed to protect the water meter from damage
• The heavy duty sieve element retains any large particles
• Cleaning of pipes after maintenance or rupture in the pipe
• Max. working pressure 16 bar
• Max. water temperature 50 °C




Flanged Fabricated Strainer, for cold water up to 40°C / PN 16, DN 250-500

Brand: Sensus

Special Features

• Low head loss
• Corrosion free, punched 304 Stainless steel screen
• Fusion bonded epoxy coated for maximum corrosion protection
• Mild steel body and flanges


• Installed upstream of domestic water meters to protect meter against entrained solids
• Retains any particle larger than 5mm
• Working pressure up to 1600kPa
• Flanged BS 4504 Table 16
• Perforated plate is designed for a flow rate of 2 m/s