Domestic Water Meters

Below is an overview of our Domestic Water Meter products. Consult us for specifications.



Dry dial single jet water meter

Brand: Sensus

Main Characteristics:
DN 15 and 20
• Magnetic transmission
• Suitable up to 40°C as a cold water meter
• Suitable up to 90°C as a warm water meter
• Insensitive to upstream disruptive elements
• 355° swiveling register
• High resistance to water impurities
• AMR pre-equipped for pulse or radio interface
• Available with non return valve

When you are searching for a compact water meter with a good cost-performance ratio the 120 with its many advantages is the perfect solution.

This dry dial single jet meter is a water meter for billing purposes with an integrated AMR interface for easy and versatile read out.

Not only its outstanding metrology argues for this tamper-proof meter but also its strength and robustness.

HRI (High Resolution Interface)


A Comprehensive Pulse and Data System

Brand: Sensus

Special Features:
• Suitable for a wide range of meters
• Load-free sensor detecting the pointer‘s rotation
• May be retrofitted to pre-equipped meters
• Detects flow direction
• No influence to the meters performance
• Contact bounce suppression
• Self-diagnostics
• Ultra long battery life
• Hermetically-sealed housing (IP68)
• Non magnetic principle


HRI (high resolution interface) is a universal sensor which is compatible with a wide range of meters, including single-jet, multi-jet and piston meters with dry-dial and semi-dry registers in glass-copper or plastic housing. HRI can be retrofitted on all Sensus meters since 2008 pre-equipped with an HRI modulator.

HRI is available in two versions:

The HRI-P PulseUnit is a high resolution pulser which detects the flow direction.

The HRI-B DataUnit is an electronic register with a data interface which supports both hard-wired M-Bus systems and battery-driven MiniBus devices such as mobile meter reading systems. The HRI-B can alternatively be used as a pulse type with configurable pulse output.

The HRI is more than an extension of a simple sensor. It has been expanded to provide a reliable data source for remote reading of a conventional meter. It is the interface for all today’s requirements for data interrogation and remote transmission.



Static electromagnetic meter with remnant magnetic technology

Brand: Sensus

Intelligent technology meets water management
Whether internet, telephony or electricity – intelligent network communications are all around us and offer almost unlimited possibilities. So why not apply the same principle to one of our most important resources – water.
Worldwide, water networks need to keep pace with the development of intelligent network communications to ensure they are up to date with demand-driven automation and load management that is standard in the smart grid.
Using a fixed AMI communications network (such as Sensus FlexNet™), iPERL can help identify potential issues, such as leakages in the network, enabling you to address them quickly. This saves your business time, money, improves targeting of field crews, and increases customer service levels.



Volumetric Meter Composite Body, Protected Dial – Class C, Reed and HRI AMR pre-equipment for cold water up to 40⁰C, DN 15

Brand: Sensus

Main characteristics:
• Ultra light and easy to handle
• Accuracy better than Class C requirements
• Conforms to latest OIML standard
• Pre-equipped as standard for both Reed and HRI
• AMR interfaces
• Tamperproof design
• Designed for tropical installation conditions
• Extreme resistance to water hammer
• Grooved piston
• Moulded Hexagon nut for ease of pluming



Multi-jet Domestic Water Meter, Composite Meter Body for cold water up to 40°C / PN 16, XNP DN 15 & DN 20

Brand: Sensus

Main characteristics

• Calibrated cartridge – field replaceable
• Large area, downward facing strainer – low head loss
• Star wheel to detect extremely low flows (Tell tale to indicate system leakage)
• Large digit, easy-to-read roller counter
• Highly durable UV-resistant composite meter body
• Tamper-proof internal calibration
• Low flow sensitivity associated with wet dial design
• Special disassembly tool prevents tampering
• Light weight (less than half the weight of an equivalent brass-bodied meter)
• Labyrinth seal protects register from ingress of dirt
• Optional internal non-return valve


• Domestic water metering
• Cold water up to 40°C
• Working pressure up to 1600kPa
• Available in various meter box alternatives
• Horizontal installation


UNICOcoder ® MP


Singlejet consumption meter with M-Bus interface EN 13757-2 for cold water up to 30°C, DN 15, 20

Brand: GWF


  • Singlejet dry-dial meter with magnetic coupling
  • 8 dial resolution with 3 comma place
  • Register can be turned for best readout position
  • Maximum operating pressure PN 16 bar
  • Maximum operating temperature 30°C
  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • High grade wear resistant and corrosion proof materials
  • Inlet strainer
  • Recyclable execution
  • Conformity according to European Measuring Instruments (MID)
  • Serial M-Bus-Interface to EN 13757-2 and M-Bus-Protocol EN 13757-3
  • Power is provided from the M-Bus central
  • Connecting cable, standard length 1,5m