Below is an overview of our Standpipe products. Consult us for specifications.

Tap and Spout Standpipe


Tap and Spout Standpipe

Brand: AFG Fluid Control

Product Features

• Light weight for easy transport
• Hollow unit with open base for concrete filling
• Concrete filling to be done onsite with installation
• Base unit raised from ground level with 130mm, hence proud of grey water
• 3 gullies for transferring overflowing water into soak away or down pipe
• 3 moulded counter sunk pockets to accommodate 20 litre buckets
• Moulded in housing for location and protection of water meter device
• Three “push button” taps/Demand stop taps (Chrome plated or Plastic)
• Each unit have a unique water meter ID number

Product Specifications

• Manufactured from UV stabilized LLDPE material – SASOL food grade material
• Water and weather resistant
• Moulded in permanent artwork, branding and emergency contact numbers
• 6mm wall thickness
• Product dimensions as per attached drawing