Automatic Meter Reading

Below is an overview of our Automatic Meter Reading products. Consult us for specifications.



Inductive and optical walk by reading system

Brand: Sensus

Meter reading on site via the optical or inductive interface.

The following meters can be read:
• Domestic water meters Sentinel with HRI data interface
• Bulk water meters from Sensus with MiniBus preparation
• Heat meters Pollu……
The MiniReader provides inductive reading only.

Further reading opportunities with the Handheld PSION
WA pro:
• Meters with an optical interface like Pollu….. heat meters
• M-Bus level converter
• Radio transponder Sensus((S))cout 868MHz

M3 Black


Monsterous Performance! 1GHz CPU with 8GB ROM

Brand: Sensus

M3 BLACK is named after M3’s former model; M3 BLACK which were revolutionary model in year 2006. In year 2013, M3 launched new revolutionary model in both physical and performance perspective.

New M3 BLACK features:
• TI 1GHz CPU and 8GB of huge memory space.
• 3.8G HSPA+, IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n coverage.
• Full dust and water protection (IP67), 2.0m drop rating, 1,000 times tumble test.
• Wide range of working temperature.
• Large capacity smart battery with optional 5,100mAh extended battery.

All new M3 BLACK will bring your satisfaction to the top in all working environment.



Software for Mobile Meter Readout

Brand: Sensus

SensusREAD is software for the automatic readout of meters using the mobile handheld computer PSION WA pro.

The user can choose between a guided route or the use of a route planning tool. The guided readout is usually used for billing readouts or the readout of a large quantity of meters. Route planning readout is especially suitable for installation and maintenance services or individual meter reading or reading a small quantity of meters.